(Editor's Note: Our agricultural lands are being depleted by greedy men who exploit the soil without properly replacing the exhausted chemicals and other substances, or without letting nature provide for such replacements in its normal periodic processes. Also, our agricultural processes are inefficient for other reasons as well. Mr. Fresco, who is also a designer of inexpensive, modern family houses, describes an interesting idea in this article concerning a solution of the world's food problem.)


by Jacque Fresco, Research Engineer

Agriculture today is still primitive and backward. To feed the world, new and far more efficient methods are needed than those now in use. The most basic consideration in our goal to remake agriculture should be the fact that, for our human purposes, plants are mechanisms which convert solar energy into forms of food, that is, ingredients for use in the metabolism processes of animals and man. . . [missing] . . . containers, while the dried or sliced carrot or beet root would be stored in similar cylinders: each cylinder to be bombarded by ultra high-voltage so as to render refrigeration unnecessary. Potatoes would be sacked automatically, grains chaffed, corn husked, etc. Each would be mechanically transported to food distribution centers. . . [end of fragment]