by Jacque Fresco


Tremendous changes in our environmental culture lie directly ahead. At present, our own government is calling for scientific and technical guidance in order to deal with the complexities of our culture. Industrial technicians and scientists will be called upon for more of their services to the function of government. They will be faced with a super-human task to provide new techniques for mass production on a vast scale. Transportation systems will be relocated and redesigned to accommodate changes in population centers. These changes will have profound effects upon the development of this centralized civilization. Science, engineering, and technology will come into sharp focus. Machines and engineering systems of this kind will have a greater effect within the next 15 years than all of the political bickering of the world's past history. The present world, long sterile in its methodology, coupled with its verbal inadequacies and its socially medieval philosophy, is rapidly crumbling and giving way to the embryonic forces and pressures of a new age. The demand will continue at an accelerated rate, bypassing and leaving behind cultures and individuals unable to grasp the significance of organized science.

In the reconstruction of education, the radial schools will be based on the design of the most useful structure to accomplish a given task. The new schools will be experimental laboratories to further the development of educational systems dedicated to social sanity. This vast undertaking will emphasize the highest respect for human freedom and dignity, both here and throughout the world. By redefining human behavior in technical terms through systematic observation and experimentation, thus adapting man to the new standards of an ever changing environment. The author envisions a tremendous redevelopment of our harbor systems. This will include the automatic loading and unloading of freight. The ships in the illustration are automation plants that pick up semi-processed materials and assemble them enroute. This saves many days in production time.

The application of the radial design will be the first consideration in the new social architecture. It offers maximum efficiency for departmental communication with the center control building. The nucleus will house the socially integrated computer within a dome located in the innermost ring of the city. The prime function of the giant computer is to work out the maximal decision in the conduct of human affairs through the application of statistical mechanics related to the needs of man, such as: agriculture production, atomic and hydro-electric power production, and the distribution of goods and services.

It will automatically record, store, and modify information
in terms of minimum expenditure of energy for maximum social gain. The information it will provide will assist us in working out the many problems of a highly complex technological system. It will provide us with a library of data undreamed of in our present culture. It will enable us to predict the next most probable need and recommend solutions to determine our future through the erection of scientific scales of performances.