Wednesday, March 26, 1947;  p. 9


"Stamped out of aluminum, it can be erected on the site in less than 10 hours!"

In so many words, Jacque Fresco, its designer, yesterday told the principle advantage of the new Muntz Home – rapid construction.

Fresco was explaining a model of the house at the Ambassador Hotel where it was introduced to the general public.

More than 5000 of the homes will be erected this year in the Los Angeles area, if estimates are met.

Each will cost under $5000, not counting the lot on which it is assembled.

The whole prefabricated plan, if that is what it can be called, is the idea of Automobile Dealer Earl W. Muntz.

Believing that what the nation needs is a house that can be erected in a hurry, Muntz employed Fresco, industrial designer and Air Forces veteran, to produce a suitable plan.

Fresco came up with an aluminum house which is heat-resistant, grounded against lightening, built on a germ-proof concrete block, and self air-condition.

The first design, a two-bedroom house, can be varied 12 different ways and can be enlarged by as many rooms as wanted – simply by bolting on new ones.

Interior walls will be masonite.

A model home soon will be assembled on Wilshire boulevard.