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1961-12-10 — All Aluminum Home Project — Los Angeles Times

Sunday, Dec. 10, 1961; p. 15J


HIGHLAND PARK — Plans for the construction of a new community, comprised of all-aluminum homes have been announced. The project will be built on Mt. Washington, at N. Figueroa St. and Ave. 37.

Scheduled to start in February, the 63-home subdivision will consist of three and four bedroom homes of contemporary design. They will be in the $17,000 to $22,000 price range. Except for customized interior detail of conventional nature, the homes will be constructed of aluminum, including roofs and exterior walls.

Developers of the project and also the system and method of construction are Michael Shore and Peter Gorman, Los Angeles builders and developers. According to them, the "Alumanor" obsoletes many materials and techniques, making possible the construction of virtually any home design or style in one-tenth the normal building time at substantial saving in per-square foot cost.
Comprised basically of 27 patented extrusions, the Alumanor development was begun in 1948, several prototypes having been built, sold and continuously occupied since 1950.

Alumanor units are produced without need for assembly-line volume and available in a wide variety of floor plans. They are readily adaptable to custom specification Short said. Assembly of components is accomplished off-site and trucked to the lot.

The framed sections, structural members and roof sheathing are quickly erected and bolted into place. After inspection the insulation, interior walls, trim, fixtures and cabinetry are completed to permit occupancy in a matter of hours, Shore explained. 

PLANNED COMMUNITY — Artist's sketch of 63-home development to be built on Mt. Washington in Highland Park. The project is being developed by Michael Shore and Peter Gorman and all the homes will be built of aluminum. Work is to start in February.