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1970-03-06 — Man Need Not Fear Machine — The Carolinian

Friday, March 6, 1970; p. 4


by Melanie Bassett
Dr. Jacque Fresco, speaking at the College Editors Conference, in Washington D.C. last weekend, said "Don't get angry at machines, don't fear technology, fear the men behind the machines who abuse them." 

A social engineer, industrial engineer, designer and inventor, he has developed structural component systems for architectural construction. His inventions, twenty-five years ahead of their time, can realize solutions in many environmental problems. 

Jacque Fresco's design for a transitional University City is one which he feels could solve many educational and environmental problems. The University complex has the different departments leading from a central building where everything is coordinated. Underground passageways and elevators link all the buildings. His plans include solutions to all human problems such as pollution, garbage and upkeep of the grounds. 

Educationally, he sees at this University, the exemption of all traditional learning methods, "There would be no faculty, the entire intellectual world would be at the students' disposal through filmed lectures." It would be "a learning experience structured only by the choice of which television screen to watch."

 In 1945, Dr. Fresco designed and developed the aluminum pre-fabricated house. A later design of this was constructed by Major Realty Corporation in collaboration with Aluminum Company in America, and is now being used in areas such as redevelopment of ghetto housing.

He has designed systems for noiseless and pollution free aircraft, and safety devices for army aircraft. However, these designs have either not been used or used only to their partial potential. 

It would take him "ten years to change the earth," he said "with my systems." Scientists, inventors and other experts all say it will take longer, or that there is no hope at all, but he feels that if only the technological bureaucracy was changed it would be "no hard thing to cleanse our environment of the hundreds of years misuse."