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1971-07-04 — Site Sought — Plain Dealer

Sunday, July 4, 1971; p. 9B


by Paul F. Colebrook Jr.
An 89-acre site for a very special kind of circular city is being sought in southern Florida by a Miami-based non-profit organization called Sociocyberneering, Inc. Essentially, the new community is to be a kind of university, according to the organization's president and founder, Jacque Fresco . (Note: Although Fresco uses the title of Dr. and has lectured at many campuses, including Princeton, he is in no way related to Princeton's Dr. Jacque's R. Fresco, professor of biochemistry. The two men have never met.) Sociocyberneering, incorporated in Florida earlier this year, plans to apply "the most sophisticated forms of computer technology in the management of human affairs." Fresco's circular city, "laid out like a large gear with spokes," will have no automobiles. Conveyor systems for people as well as goods will provide all inner-city transport. Forming the city's outer belt is to be an agricultural area where food would be grown organically and hydroponically and without pesticides. Fresco sees this community as a spawning ground for new approaches to civilization. Not intended as a utopia, he explains, "We are attempting to plant a seed for the development of a sane society in a decaying culture."