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1979-02-01 — Will You Be Living in a Dome in the Future — Miami Times

Thursday, Feb. 1, 1979; p. ?


In the last two centuries most national and international business and political leaders and architects have dismally failed to conform to modern times by continuing to build homes, apartment houses, factories, etc., in the old square shapes.

And if you simply look at pictures of pioneer airplanes and autos of the past you can trace that history of square shapes to the present vehicles of transportation — the ultra-modern streamlined, more oval shapes surrounding us today.

Now what about your home, apartment house or factory? What is happening? Well, a newly formed group of local men and women has been working night and day to fashion new ultra shaped homes which, while conforming more with the shape of things to come, are being formed in a beautiful "mock ups" -pictures, molds, etc. called Dome Systems, they will soon be on the world market, price approximately at $12,000 to $15,000 each.

Mass production of the homes can possibly result in ever lower prices. Additionally, pending orders for these homes, 10,000 from Egypt, 30,000 from these African countries and 10,000 from Arabia will cause an even further drop in price.

There is a world-wide need to replace old forms, past and present, of mass living as in condominiums and apartments with low cost individual homes. There seems to be no substitute for the deep satisfaction owning an individual home and lot can give to a family, or individual, especially these modern homes which are projected to last 2,000 years.

Local businessman Tom Washington has been elected to join Dome Systems Group to become an equal partner with Jacque Fresco, the inventor and scientist, and Harry Schermer of Non-profit Food Store fame.

If you are curious or interested, or a possible investor, or wish to help in this noble experiment to bring millions of people everywhere into a beautiful and newly shaped home, go and see these laboratory specimens, buildings of the future at Dome Systems headquarters, 598 NE 77th St., Miami 33138. Or call 754-5512 and get further information.