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1986-06-08 — Man Works On Futuristic World — Sebring News Sun

Wednesday, June 8, 1986; p. 1-2B


by Jose Bermudez

VENUS — A small part of the poverty-free society author Jacque Fresco envisions is taking shape in a 24-acre tract he likes to call the second Garden of Eden.

Nestled in a corner of this rural community, the modest red aluminum gate to Fresco's world gives no clue to the futuristic buildings found inside.

Four dome-shaped structures sit along well manicured paths of grass and surrounded by the region's natural habitat. A wadding pool with a cascade and background of clouds and mountains are the result of five years of arduous work for the founder of Sociocyberneering, Inc. But his most ambitious project is yet to come. 

The wadding pool and film studio are the foundation for the movie he plans called " Welcome "to the

"It's geared for the children, because this is the world I hope they will inherit," he said at the filming studio, while showing the miniature replicas of life as it was centuries ago and what the world could become if people learn to bridge the gap between nations.

The movie basically would deal with six people brought back to Earch 80 years into the future. They find Fresco said, "a world in which poverty, war, pollution, and discrimination have been surpassed and in which all of Earth's inhabitants have engaged in a joint venture toward the brotherhood of humanity." 

Fresco's studio is replete with models and diagrams of his master plan in which technology takes over. It is a world abundant with new forms of energy; volcanic, tidal power and electricity harnessed from the Van Allen Belt.

All the work found within the futuristic compound is the product of Fresco's ideas and labor and that of his assistant Roxanne Meadows.

"We must learn to use the whole planet to harness energy, grow enough food for everyone and create safety devices against floods and other natural disasters. That is the meaning of Sociocyberneering, the use of technology for the betterment of mankind," he said.

"Nationalities and religion have been used as tools to divide people, science is the common bridge between nations." 

At 70, Fresco exhibits the vitality of a man whose dreams are still very alive. He has no college degrees, but his background includes work in social and industrial engineering as well as what he calls "human factors" engineering. 

His inventions include systems for noiseless and pollution-free aircraft, an electrostatic system to eliminate sonic boom and electrodynamic transit methods that would eliminate the need for elevators, and rudders and flaps from airplanes. 

Other creations are a three-wheel vehicle consisting of only 32 parts. Medical equipment ranges from three-dimensional x-rays to electronic surgical instruments. 

He says he has a technique for viewing 3-D movies without the need of glasses and developed a prefabricated house over 40 years ago.

The pre-fabricated house, which he said took 10 men eight hours to assemble, was not widely accepted by investors, because if would have offset the booming construction industry of the post WWII years. Cost of an energy efficient home that is fire resistant and termite-free. "Only about $8 to $14 per square foot and it could be built in a matter of hours.

Many of Fresco's inventions have been patented and have wide commercial use.

One of his major complaints is complacency and the lack of creativity in the United States. "We used to be first in inventions and now we are 14th. We keep saying we are the greatest nation in the world and meanwhile several countries have surpassed us.