Vol. 79, No. 19; p. 4
Tuesday, January 24, 2012


by Diem NGO

Jacque Fresco is a social engineer, philosopher, inventor, futurist and father to the Venus Project. He speaks only of righteousness when analyzing current world and social issues, and he comes up with solutions that makes total sense. He gets the big picture, so why don’t we? We live in a world where almost 50 percent of the world’s population lives on $2 a day and where the United States is the highest bidder when it comes to military spending with a whopping $698 billion in 2010. When compared to the second highest bidder, China, with $111 billion in military spending, that speaks exponential volume of where America’s real interests lies. Unreasonable spending created a staggering economy that left American citizens visioning a bleak future of political upheaval, but the Venus Project, along with its ideas of socio-cyber engineering could be the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The project suggests a resource-based economy rather then our monetary system of trading “bonds” for the dollar to the federal reserve. The bonds are of the same value to the borrowed money and are essentially sticky notes of IOUs. Over time, this system depreciated the dollar by means of interest, debt on top of debt. In actuality, the FED has funded America’s foreign policies since 1913, and the people bought into its ponzi schemes of capitalism and democracy. 

A radical solution to all societal problems, a resource- based economy, allows all life on earth to live sustainably by means of using technology, science and resources in a humanistic and intelligent way. Protecting and restoring our environment and providing for all the world’s people are the top priorities in this society. Ignorance and hostility thrives on the inequalities of man. So, naturally, when equality becomes prominent, the whole crime spectrum becomes irrelevant. When technology is used correctly, this can also eliminate blue and white collar jobs, leaving the nine to five to machines. Education is free, not rationalized, and war, homelessness, recessions, depressions, genocide, environmental concerns, poverty and taxation are out of the equation in this type of society. 

No, this is not communistic utopia and it certainly isn’t the singularity either. A resource-based economy is simply an alternative that should be up for consideration because our malignant and apathetic behavior will one day finish that grave we started digging approximately 150 years ago. Not only does it take great effort to physically create Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project on a worldwide scale but it also means rehashing the way society thinks in terms of money and shifting from materialism to resourcefulness. I know this is hard to grasp but isn’t it possible for humans to one day transcend our animal instincts that hosts imperialistic behaviors by means of utilizing modern science and technology in the most optimum way for problem solving?