Friday, May 16, 1997; 6C


Current trends toward waste, scarcity, environmental destruction, and hostility could give way to a society of caring people concerned about the environment and enjoying a life of abundance, says futurist Jacque Fresco.

Fresco and colleague Roxanne Meadows will talk about their vision of the good life in the next century at 2 p.m. Sunday.

The Venus Project they are creating is a model of a self-sufficient city of tomorrow. Urban core areas are environmentally friendly and desirable places to live. There are areas for energy production and management, agricultural production, and recreation in their model.

The lecture/workshop will be at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House, 56 N. Halifax Drive, a block north of Granada Boulevard.

Tickets are $10, $5 students. For information on the lecture, call Gordon Williamson, (904) 677-2007 or fax (904) 677-3949.

Fresco is an architect and holds patents on helicopter designs. He and Meadows are creating their model city of the future in Venus, Fla ., south of Lake Placid in Highlands County. Several homes and a mock-up of a future city are set up at the Venus Project, 21 Valley Lane, Venus.