Sunday, March 24, 1991


by Betty Briggs

. . . Six miles up the highway, you probably won't be able to resist the temptation to send a postcard from Venus, Fla., to a friend with a cosmic sense of humor.

While the town consists of little more than a convenience store and post office, it does have its day in the sun once a year. Every summer a hardy breed of Crackers emerges from the woods to celebrate "Venus Day," complete with spitting and bellybucking contests.

The celebration is out of this world, as are some of the ideas that drift out of Venus.

For instance, there's a college lecturer named Jacque Fresco from Miami who lives in a dome house in the woods nearby. He landed in Venus when he planned to start a world of the future, a prototype of a high-tech village. Somehow it never caught on, and the professor now claims that Disney stole his idea and used it as the basis for the Epcot Center.    . . .