Monday, March 25, 1947; p. ?


The "Dream Home" of tomorrow became the house of reality today.

In a preview before veteran housing officials, architects, bankers, and building construction experts in the Ambassador Hotel, a four room, low cost modernistic home was displayed for the first time.

To be made available to the public within two months, the lightweight home will be on view to the public on Wilshire boulevard near Highland avenue within a short time. The home – to cost less than $5000 – was designed by Jacque Fresco, noted architect, and sponsored by Earl W. Muntz, automobile distributor.

New features embodied in the 930 square-foot dwelling include corrugated aluminum ceilings and walls, spun-glass insulation in partitions, asphalt tile set on a concrete floor, and in some cases, solid. . . [BREAK IN FRAGMENT] . . . Above left, modern bath unit with pedal operated basin and toilet, glass enclosed shower. Left, close-up of modern kitchen, mode of different textured aluminum surfaces. Note ventilated doors of service cabinet over sink. At left below, alternate design for a self-contained "Dial Ultrasonic" kitchen unit. At extreme right is deep freezer (under glass). Above and below this are cold storage cabinets with refrigerator unit in upper part. Rest of unit includes hydrosonic dishwater, counterbalanced cabinets that can be drawn down, plumbing in back of unit which serve heater as well. 

Plan drawing of the complete Fresco house, with an inset drawing of an alternate plan for the bathroom. Erection time for this 5,000 lb home will be 80 hour, after foundation is poured.

Estimated cost will be $5250.\