Wednesday, June 2, 1948; part 1, p. 7


Life can be beautiful in an aluminum home.

To prove it, the two-bedroom, modernistic Trend Home was previewed yesterday for the benefit of the Memorial Cancer Hospital Fund.

Designer Jacque Fresco said eight men working 10 hours can erect it – and it will cost only $5200 on a mass-produced basis.

The first assembly plant should be built here within two months, he said, and four more will follow in other major cities.

For maximum use of its 914 square feet, the home features "the smallest hallway ever devised" – only 32 by 32 inches – from which four main rooms radiate.

Set above the hallway is an air-conditioning unit containing a germicidal lamp.

Walls and roof are prefabricated in sections, and windows can be placed wherever the owner desires. Patios at the front and side are included.

The home, which would cost $18,000 if custom built, will be open to the public until Labor Day on Stage 8, Warner Brothers Studios, 1456 Bronson avenue. Proceeds go to the Cancer Prevention Society.