Tuesday, March 25, 1947; p. ?


What used to be a sound [stage] in the old Warner Bros studio on Sunset Blvd., the first [phase] of the latest development in factory produced housing is being [showed] today.

The house, made completely of aluminum, is the creation of Jacque Fresco, 32-year-old industrial designer, and is the property, [the] stock and patent, of Trend Home Inc., of which Fresco is an [employee].

When it is ready to be marketed, the house will be sold in a complete package, with all utilities [paid] "including erection, at a price under $5000," the company says. [All] the members of the house are aluminum extrusions – the company has patented all the dies and the walls (made in complete sections) are corrugated aluminum. (The "snap in" window fixtures have so fascinated some architects and builders that they have pleaded for those parts alone, for [instance].)

The ingeniousness of the design, the utilization of plentiful material, the factory mass production of the component parts, the [adaptability] of the parts to industrial variety, the working out of an efficient assembly system and ["quick] construction" time of 80 man hours make this one of the best factory houses now being developed some experts have said.