Vol. 132, Iss. 16, 
p. 101
Oct. 1, 2007


by David R. Conn

The work and ideas of Jacque Fresco, a veteran designer, inventor, author, and futurist, are the focus of Future by Desig . Fresco claims responsibility for many innovative designs but couldn't afford to patent them or couldn't get enough backing to develop prototypes. A group of his domed buildings have been constructed in Venus, FL. In various interviews, Fresco is a font of ideas and images featuring flashy technology of the near future. He promotes "sociocyberneering," his plan to redesign human society along scientific lines to end war, crime, and poverty. Fresco insists his vision is not Utopian, remarking, "We're not that civilized yet." In that case, more rationality and more complex technology seem like odd solutions to the planet's present situation. Fresco is often compared to R. Buckminster Fuller, but in this presentation he lacks Fuller's transcendence. A bonus DVD contains a photo gallery, interviews with the film's animator and composer, an educator's guide, and additional interviews. An optional purchase.