Vol. 13, No. 39, 
p. 14
Friday, Sept. 29, 1972


by Art Merrill

The author lives here in South Florida and was a guest on my show the other night. He's Jacques Fresco, and he tore up the place with his theories, ideas and a look at the future. Not that he doesn't have a right...his qualifications include, Industrial Engineer, Designer, Inventor, PhD., writer, consultant to the motion picture industry, member of the US Army Air Force Design and Development Unit and lecturer at various colleges and Universities. He runs a thing called ''Sociocyberneering, Inc.'' and sees the 21st century as clearly as you see the past. Jobs, wages, and money have been phased out...nothing has a price tag...personal possessions are not needed. Nationalism has been surpassed and total disarmament has been achieved. Educational technology has made schools and teachers obsolete and the children are independent at age five. He has designed a Jules Vernesque city for southern Florida, the model of which has already been built, and all buses, trucks, cars and trains are a thing of the past. What do the people do all day? They pursue culture, the arts, creative thinking, universities, music and a politically free society. Why do I bring it all up? To make you drool at the make you read the book...and ask yourself...WHAT A GREAT PLACE FOR A MOVIE!