Vol. 16, No. 8, 
p. 12
August 1948

by John D'Arcy

The aluminum, glass, and concrete structure shown on the front cover and on page 11 can be erected in 80 man hours (10 men, 8 hours) after the concrete foundation is prepared. The structure is over-stressed against earthquake, lateral shock, and winds of any recorded velocity.

While the Trend Home does not represent the housing which we are capable of producing for the people of this Continent, it does suggest the possibilities of engineering designs which will utilize our abundant resources – aluminum, glass, and concrete, – rather than wood; and it gives a glimpse into the possibilities of the departure from the "hammer and nail" method of dwelling construction.

We do not have to wait years for adequate housing on this Continent. We have but to install a social order wherein the housing of the population will come before the profits of the building trades. Our engineers, scientists, and technologists have the 'know-how,' our Continent can furnish the resources and the technological equipment. So what are we waiting for?