Vol. 175, No. 8, 
p. 16
Aug. 03, 1949


Third-dimensional films for both motion pictures and television were reported yesterday to have been developed to such a point that they will be ready for motion picture theatres and video by next spring.

This was disclosed yesterday by Jack Moss, Hollywood producer, who with Irving Yergin as associate has set up a research organization for developing principle of third-dimensional projection for mass audiences. Previously, third-dimension could be seen only through individual viewers. New process, invented by Jacques Fresco, who is partnered with Moss and Yergin, permits any large number of persons to view it as they now do ordinary pictures.

Moss and his associates have been busy for past two years developing principle to point where it is now past the purely experimental stage and light is seen in making it practical. Previously declared an impossibility by experts, principle is now in final stages of perfection. New process, Moss declared, will be more revolutionary than sound.

Cost of installing third-dimension for motion picture and television projectors will be minute according to Moss. A simple device will be attached to projector, and this will give films the third dimensional projection. There will be no costly overhaul of machines to install new principle of projection.

Eastern banking and manufacturing interests are backing project. Process also is slated to play a vital part in medical x-rays and surgery.