Vol. 6, No. 4, 
p. 19
Friday, Feb. 18, 1949


[. . .] FORTNIGHT submits the above in the hopeful spirit of one who sends up smoke signals and burnt offerings at the same time. This might be the real thing, a first sign that low-cost housing is about to be built in a big way. But, so far, every time the magazine has hinted such a thing it has put the kiss of death on the enterprise. Here's a thumb-nail list of reports, plus what actually happened:
[. . .]
Aug. 13, 1948: "Jacque Fresco in LA has designed a 914-square-foot, aluminum-glass-concrete home to sell for $5468. M/Factory mass production beginning immediately." (After six months production has still not started. However, the project has not been abandoned and there is still talk of "immediate" production.)