The Jacque Fresco Resource Archive is devoted to collecting and providing all material pertaining to the life and ideas of the futurist, Jacque Fresco. Collected here is a wealth of literature, videos, and audio gathered from a wide range of sources spanning across several decades. Items will continue to be added as they are discovered and when they are permitted to be fully available. This site will prove useful to students and academics who are interested in comprehensively studying Fresco and his ideas.

This archive is also open to anyone who is interested in contributing. If you have ideas for web development or would like to donate site graphics, you are encouraged to do so. If you have photos, videos, or written items such as personal letters or newspaper/magazine clippings, or artistic works that are relevant to Jacque Fresco, that you would like to submit, you may contact administrator@jacquefresco.info. Anyone willing to translate or transcribe audiovisual content is also welcome.

Content is continuously added to this site. As it is, this site contains maybe only 5% of the material in the archive. At this time only a small percentage is available for public viewing.

The ultimate goal of this archive is to collect enough information for the purposes of writing a detailed biography or chronicle on the life of Jacque Fresco. Parallel to this project is the production of a detailed documentary of the same nature (entitled Man of Tomorrow). These projects lay in the future, but in the meantime this Archive serves as an information resource for anyone interested or inspired by Mr. Fresco and his Venus Project.